Friday, November 11, 2011


Here're two sketches I made while working at VFS. Probably from last year too. Just started going through this years' work/sketches today. Some interesting experiments, more to come!!

Scene Suggestions

I did a lot of these for the BBC adds. Here are a few. Just brainstorming random scenes to get going. It was fun, people blurting out content and me throwing it into a square on the page haha! Fast and messy!


Here are some thumbnails done for a minute of flash animation I did this May. Tight budget, deadlines, and a small team prevented these from becoming proper boards. And yes there was a planned push in (or something) during the acting, he didn't just grow suddenly : P

BBC Kids_Story Boards

Busy times. Here are some story boards I did back in April(?) for Motionsoup Studio here in Vancouver

There were two spots for BBC Kids done in a sketch book cut-out, motion graphic style. The deadline was tight and I didn't get to pose much out for the animators, so the boards were really rough and vauge. Fun times brainstorming.

You can view the finished pieces here: