Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday Life Drawing

Here's a bit of drawing from a class at VFS on Monday. 2-5 min each. I was really working on recognizing surfaces and being a little more deliberate with what I put on the paper. A better experience with the model and ultimately a better drawing is the result. Although they may look a bit "messy", this is definitely a step forward in my drawing process. I've also noticed an improvement in my more illustrative and cartoony drawings after revisiting this concept of showing surface change. Thanks to Mr. Glenn Vilppu for being awesome and helpful! Oh ya, my skills of fitting photoshop scans together need some work too, I'll try and post some more from this class to get some practice lol.


David Wong said...

Exquisite strokes. Great attention to relaxed and contracted muscles especially with the top drawing. I definitely want to see more.

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey Ian,

Wow you've improved so much since i last saw your work ( when we went to class together) looks like all these classes are paying off!
When does Adam have classes this week? i'm off work untill the 11th

just let me know man and i'll come in for a class or two.

and sorry haha disney had no "magic" pencils just a lot of fat americans.


Emily Strong said...

Amazing gestures, where do you go to life drawing in vancouver. I know about basic inquiry, do you know of any other good places around for drop-in classes?